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The Senior Experience

It's your time to shine!

Wheaton Senior Photographer, Naperville

Your senior year in high school marks an end of an era.  It is your final days of childhood before stepping out into the world as an adult. 


Let's share your beauty, both inside and out, so the whole world can see how amazing you truly are.  There is only one you!

The BJP Senior Experience

- Be a model for a day
- Two outfits, two locations, two different looks
- Posing tips to expose the best possible you 
- Sneak peeks the same day to show your friends
- Digital downloads to print & share on social media

What Your Peers Are Saying!

"Working with Joy was such a blast!! I didn't know what to expect because I had never worked with a professional photographer before, but Joy created such a fun and laid back environment.  I had so much fun getting to be a model for the day; I loved exploring the different areas to find unique scenery and cute backgrounds.  I'm so thankful that Joy encouraged me to be myself and that she captured my personality so beautifully!!!"

- Kayla

Wheaton Senior Photographer, Naperville
Wheaton Senior Photographer, Naperville

"I enjoyed a lot of things during my time with Joy. Not only did I get to spend and evening with one of my favorite people, but she made me feel like an absolute doll! I hate getting my photo taken normally, but not with Joy. She picked a wonderful, convenient place for us to have the shoot, and she let me display my personality on full blast. She’s super fun, bubbly and wonderful to be around. Not to mention is she an absolute WIZARD with the camera. She made me look awesome! 20/10 would do again."

- Mia

"Photo sessions with Joy are always such a fun and professional experience.  She is able to coach me during shoots while making it enjoyable.  Joy is the most kindhearted person I know and sure I am always comfortable and confident during shoots.  The shoots are always filled with laughs.  Joy always finds fun, creative spots to take pictures.  She knows how to turn something so ordinary into something amazing when the final product is revealed.  I will always choose Joy because she never fails to impress me with her work, and the experience during the shoot is always amazing."

- Genna

Wheaton Senior Photographer, Naperville
Wheaton Senior Photographer, Naperville

"Working with Joy was so much fun!  She really made me feel comfortable so that I could be myself in front of the camera.  Not only was she so kind, sweet and easy to talk to, but she made the whole experience a fun exciting event.  Joy did an amazing job capturing my personality in all the amazing photos she took!"

- Jenny

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Senior Portrait


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