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Fabyan Forest Preserve Summer Engagement Photos | Jamie and Chris

Where are my Cub fans at ?!?! I see two right here. Jamie and Chris are HUGE Cubs fans, but not only that, they love MLB baseball. Their plan is to visit all of the ballparks. So far they have been to ten! That's impressive. Another love they both share is for that cute little fur baby Addison. They hope to have another fur baby in the future too named Clark. Get it??? So adorable and clever!

The pair met over seven years ago at work. Jamie was already employed and Chris was a new hire. Chris Brown. The name immediately peaked Jamie's interest, but it wasn't THAT Chris Brown. It was one better. Her future hubby! She just didn't know it yet.

They started chatting at the bus stop and realized they had a lot in common. After many us rides together and some fun adventures later they are now engaged and ready to go on one of their biggest adventures yet!!!



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