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Five Tips to Prep for Senior Photos

Another school year is quickly coming to a close, even though it may still feel like the middle of winter in Chicago! What a horrible spring this has been, but I digress. It is the middle of April after all so the warmer weather has to be coming soon; which means, class of 2018, it is time to schedule your senior photos if you haven't already!

I absolutely love senior photos! It is such an amazing milestone moment in a person's life going from childhood to adulthood. So many plans and dreams! Witnessing each individual personality and hearing their goals for the future always leaves me walking away feeling inspired.

Here are five simple tips to follow when prepping for your senior photos.

1. Once your location is selected consider what colors will look nice against that background. Think color wheel. For example, if you are selecting a nature setting shades of red, purple and orange will really pop off the lush greenery.

2. After your color scheme is finalized look for patterns and solids. While it is always fun to look back and giggle years later at our ironic outfit selections, it is good idea keep that to a minimum by avoiding styles that are too trendy.

3. Accessorize! Now that you have your outfit selected add layers with accessories. Maybe a cute hat or fun necklace. Killer shoes. The possibilities are endless so bring lots of options to play around with. It's an easy way to get different looks fast!

4. Book your appointment to have your hair and makeup professionally done. While we all secretly think we are fantastic at doing it ourselves it's best to leave it to the experts this time. Allow yourself to be pampered a little and experience what it's like to be a model. Have them give you a soft clean look while highlighting your beautiful features.

5. Hygiene. Some of these points are kind of a no brainer, but I am going to say it just in case. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth before arriving at your appoint. Be aware of chipped or distracting nail polish colors. Avoid wearing perfume or fragrant lotion because it will attract bugs. Drink lots of water the week leading up to your session. Avoid obnoxious tan lines or sunburn.

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