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LeRoy Oaks Engagement Session | Amanda & Brian

One of my favorite locations for a rustic, barn setting is LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve in St Charles. There are so many beautiful backdrop to work with: from the rustic red barns, to the small white house to the line of pine trees, to the open fields to the small creek. If you are willing to hike a little then they have it all.

We were incredibly lucky for Amanda and Brian's winter engagement session. It was unseasonably warm. So warm, that they weren't even cold without a jacket! That is unheard of in February.

The couple met six years ago through mutual friends around Christmas. One night the group went out together for some fun and the rest is history.

We had a lot of fun exploring the area and getting to know one another during their engagement session. They both were so much fun to be around and up for anything! However, the thing I think I'll remember the most is when we went for their outfit change (sorry Brian, I'm going there). Amanda changes into her dress and leggings and then Brian goes to put his black button down on only to realize it's not his's Amanda's Moms. Brian, being the awesome guy he is, wore it like a champ. Now if that doesn't show how much he loves her I don't know what does. I don't know many guys that would be willing to do that. Amanda, you got yourself a winner!



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