St Charles Country Club Wedding | Kellie & Matt

While a wedding in itself is a magical time filled with hope and excitement, a Christmas wedding is something unlike anything else. It is hard to explain the magic of Christmas combined with the love of a wedding. I suppose if I had to put it into words it would be pure bliss... and Kellie and Matt's wedding at St Charles Country Club was nothing less.

The day was filled with laughter so loud you could barely hear the person next to you. As I walked into the reception room the sound of joy was deafening. I had never heard anything quite like it before. Although I shouldn't be surprised, for as long as the Ward family and the Armbrust family have been friends I'm sure there were no strangers to anyone at the wedding.

While Kellie and Matt didn't experience a love at first sight fairy tale, their love did blossom over time... growing stronger with each passing day. With admiration of respect they have gotten to know one another during hockey games, golf outings and just hanging out together. Each with a passion for their families and the kindest of hearts. The love might not have begun as a fairy tale romance, but it sure ended with one. Complete with Kellie looking like royalty. Definite Cinderella moment from top to bottom, including her custom shoes.

Kellie and Matt, I have loved every minute getting to know you both. You both are such sweet, kind individuals with a passion for others. You surround yourselves with amazing people and have strong family values. You love each other as you are, which is a rare and wonderful gift. Thank you for allowing me to witness such a love. I wish you both many years of love and laughter. Congratulations again! XOXO Joy

PS. Thank you for having AMAZING details for me to photograph!!!! I was like a kid on Christmas morning!!!