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St James Forest Preserve Fall Family Photo | Kessler Family

St James Forest Preserve is a popular photography location for everyone in the west suburbs area. Bordering Wheaton and Warrenville just off of Butterfield Rd, it's has easy access to the highway as well. Many families and couples choose this location time and time again because it has so much to offer. The property is too large to utilize during one session, so it's easy to use a specific area and then come back another year and go to a completely different spot. That's just what the Kessler Family did! I loved seeing this family again. Watching the kids change and grow is one of the many reason I enjoy family photography. If memory serves me right, I believe this is the fourth time I photographed the family. We always have a good time. Lucy with her signature hat pose. Max with his creative out of the box poses. It's always a treat for me to hang with them!

1 comment

1 Comment

Jan 18, 2022

What wonderful, family memories!

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