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Hi there! I'm Joy!


A wedding and portrait photographer based in the Wheaton area who works throughout Chicago as well as worldwide.

For as long as I can remember I have always been around a camera. Growing up, my Mom was a big documenter of life freezing childhood moments in prints and recording videos.   For my ninth birthday I received my first camera.  GAME CHANGER.  Boy was it fun to step on the other side of the camera.   From then on I cannot remember I time I hadn't owned a camera... or two... or three!  I just love pictures!  My walls are covered with them and my bookcases full of them.  You'd be hard-pressed to find an empty frame in my house.  For me it's beautiful memories that make the house my home.

Giving other the gift of memories is what brings me the most joy in life.  To know that they will have moments they loved shared and reminisced for generations to come.  That is everything.

On top of that I love building a solid relationship with all my clients (especially my wedding couples).  I've met so many amazing people this way.  We get to spend a lot of time together from the time you first inquire until the time you pick up your custom USB and wedding album.  I want to be more of a friend than a hired vendor.  Someone you look forward to hanging out with.  Especially on your wedding day.  Think of me as unofficial bridesmaid, ready to help out wherever I can!

If I was allowed to live at

Disney World, I totally would!

My Happily Ever After

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We met at the very first wedding I ever photographed.  He says it was love at first sight when he noticed me at the bride’s house capturing getting ready photos.  Him and another groomsman had stopped by to move some cars to the hotel for later that evening.  They were only there a few minutes, but just in those few moments he was smitten.


As the day progressed Haris found more and more ways to be by my side. His first move was in the limo.  Being a family friend, the bride knew I got carsick easily and preferred to ride in the back of the limo.  So when Haris climbed in she informed him of that.  Apparently it was no secret he was crushing on me to anyone, but me.  Haris kicked the guys sitting in the back out of his seat and quickly sat down before I climbed in.


Next came the “keeper of the key”.  Haris designated himself to hold onto the key that locked the door to the bridal party room holding all of the personal belongs (including my stuff).  So, any time anyone needed anything they had to talk to Haris, the “keeper of the key”. Which is what I called him during the reception.


There were other small moments that occurred throughout the evening, but those are the two that made the biggest impression.  I suppose him stalking me all day worked because here we are today.  Happily Married.   That is our love story.  I cannot wait to hear yours!

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