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St James Winter Engagement Session | Jessica & Erik

Winter is always a fickle time of year when it comes to weather. You just never know if it will be cold or freezing or tolerable, so when I saw the weather was going to be almost forty degrees AND there was snow on the ground I asked Jessica and Erik if they would like to move their shoot up a few days. They were more than happy to say yes. Plus, bonus, their daughter Maddie got to join in the fun too. She was so well behaved. We had a lot of fun making Mommy and Daddy smile for photos!

Jess and Erik met through work. Erik was up from Arkansas on business and saw this girl at work who every seemed liked and wanted to talk to. Erik, smart man that he is, didn't want to miss his opportunity to talk to her either. It also turned out that they would be working side by side together for months, forming a friendship that then grew to more. Now they are a happy family of three that enjoy watching Frozen or anything princess related, sporting events and just being outside in nature.

Congratulations Jessica and Erik! I can't wait to continue the celebration on November 2nd!!!

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