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Wisconsin Road Trip | Kettle Moraine Drive

My hubs and I LOVE road trips! I'm super excited to finally be catching up on our personal photos from last fall. Last year we took the most road trips to date traveling to Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan (all different trips, of course). The first trip was to the Kettle Moraine Drive a few hours north in Wisconsin. We had actually done this drive the previous year, but decided to try again since the leaves were changing. Unfortunately, we did not have much more luck this year, but it was a great time. Road trips are my favorite way to spend time with my hubs. There is no technology getting in the way, no distractions. It's better than going to a movie where you cannot chat. It's just the two of you. I love it! It actually works out well too because he is a big fan of driving. I could care less, but I love to travel. So, while he enjoys the road ahead as well as making me a little car sick, I enjoy the views out my window. Win win! This trip I did not end up taking too many photos. I just wasn't getting the photo vibe. Instead, I enjoyed the journey. A nice change every once in a while! My hubs had a fun time taking videos as well as some photos. I, naturally, documented him working. Behind the scenes photos are so fun!!!

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