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BJP Tuesday Wedding Tip | Timeline

Wedding days are a marathon. It's usually over a twelve hour day of packed action from start to finish. Now granted, marathon's don't last twelve hours (thank goodness!), but the pace of a wedding day is similar. It's a marathon, not a sprint! You have to pace yourself or you'll tire fast. In order to help ease the exhaustion and stress I like to pad my timeline a little bit. When I sit down with my couples about a month before a wedding and to go over their timeline I'll add an extra fifteen minutes extra here and there. I do this for two reasons.

We all know that having a wedding day run on schedule is like finding a unicorn in a forest. Near to impossible. It's not that they day was not planned accordingly or people are not doing their job. It's just there are a LOT of people working very hard to make your day special and this is real life. Something always comes up. By giving us a little extra time here or there it helps ease the pressure of being on time down to the minute. Now, of course, I tell my couples I will do this, but I don't tell them were I did this. Kind of defeats the purpose if people know they have extra time. I would much rather be able to give you fifteen minutes to sit down, grab a snack or drink and relax. Or, it gives me fifteen more minutes of photo play time if we are running on schedule! Either way it's a win win :)

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