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Michigan Fall Road Trip

I love lighthouses. I have no idea why. There is something whimsical about them that brings me comfort. Maybe it is just because they are by the water. I have always been drawn to water. Must be the Pisces in me! If I could have a house on the beach or lake I would do it in a heartbeat. Then again, who are we kidding. I think most of us would!!!

For my hubs and my second road trip of the fall season we drove up to Michigan. We both love it up there. If it did not get so cold in winter we would probably move there honestly. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel a connection. Like I am more like myself there. Some of our favorite places to visit are Holland, Saugatuck, St Joseph, Traverse City, Mackinaw Island and who knows where else. We even went to Detroit last summer and loved it there too. Especially the hubs, since he is a car guy.

So, while our road trip begin with the original intention to look for fall colors, it ended up turning into a lighthouse trip. We made it as far north as Holland, where we have camped several times now. I wanted to get a little farther north, but the hubs got tired and since we were in his stick shift car (which I cannot drive and do not want to drive) we had to head back. It was still a fantastic day. I cannot wait until our next adventure!!!

Lighthouse number one: St Joseph North Pier Lighthouse

Lighthouse number two: South Haven Lighthouse

Lighthouse number three: Holland, Michigan

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