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Hub's Birthday Road Trip | Iowa

As I have previously mentioned, my hubs and I LOVE road trips. We love exploring new places and experiencing the local culture. So, for my hubs birthday this past October I decided to surprise him with a two day road trip. For me, an experience together with photos is way more valuable than a physical gift. We had never been to Dubuque, Iowa. Typically we liked to go north through Michigan, but it was time for a new adventure. I ended up choosing the Great River Road for our route and then looping us back through Wisconsin on the way home. It was a great time!

We left in the early evening for Dubuque, stopping along the way at overlooks as well as President Grant's home. Unfortunately it was closed, but we got to visit the outside. I hadn't been to Galena since a small child. Haris had never been. We would have loved to explore the town more, but it was getting late an we wanted to get to our hotel in Dubuque.

After settling in we visited a winery for a quick tasting. We were the only two people there (it was a Monday night though). The ladies were super nice and helpful giving us info about the town. We tried out a local pizza place. It was okay, but after having Chicago pizza it's a tough comparison.

We spent the next morning exploring the city. We road the coolest train up the side of a hill, hung out in a fun coffee shop with awesome vibes, visited their famous clock and enjoyed the architecture. Both Haris and I really enjoyed the artistic feel Dubuque had to offer and plan on returning one day.

Day two was over cast and threatened rain, but that didn't dampen our spirits. We drove north along the Mississippi River enjoying the sights and findings. As you might know, my hubs is a car guy, so not only did we take pictures of random cars we passed, but we also took pictures of his car along the route for his Instagram. Seeing as it was late in October most of the color had gone and the trees were bare or brown. I would definitely recommend this route a little earlier in the year, but it was still beautiful!!!

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