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Milwaukee Engagement Session | Lisa & David

Lisa and Dave met on a Caribbean cruise!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

Both Lisa and Dave love traveling and they happen to be out with their families when their paths crossed on an excursion. Lisa was "volunteered" to go stand near some flamingos. Dave had captured some photos and showed them to Lisa on their way back to the ship. They didn't stop talking until the end of the cruise! They stayed in touch for a while, but eventually lost contact until Dave visited Chicago with his brother and fiancee. The couple reconnected at Navy Pier and they both realized the spark was still there. After a lot of long distance communicating, Dave ended up proposing to Lisa at Navy Pier and the rest is history.

For their engagement session we explored Milwaukee, Wisconsin (where the couple now lives). I love how Lisa and Dave had a clear vision for the look they wanted. They had locations selected, wore outfits that had special meaning and just had a fun time exploring (which is what they both love to do!). Every detail was planned out, including their names and wedding date embroidered into Dave's suit jacket.

Congratulations Lisa and Dave!!! You're best adventure is yet to come!!!

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