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Waterfall Glen Engagement Session | Nicolette & Matthew

AAAAAHHHHH! These gorgeous humans get married on Friday! I don't know where the summer went, but I'm playing a little catch-up with blogs. Definitely wanted to get Nicolette and Matthew's beautiful blog up before they wedding Friday.

We had the best time during their engagement session, even with our unwanted photo bombers. AKA gnats! You know how you meet a person and you just automatically click? This was me with them. These two are the absolute best. Down for anything. Trusting my crazy ideas. Just all around sweethearts. Watching them together made it very clear they were perfect for one another.

Their love story:

"I LOVE our love story and force Matt to tell it to me all the time. He's not a fan of telling it since it's kind of boring, but I love it because I was so unaware. I also have a terrible memory, so I love hearing him tell the story over and over since I always forget the details! Anywayyyyy the story goes like this: Matt and I were both coaching for a travel basketball program called Illinois Rockets. He was a veteran coach and I was in my first year. For the first day of tryouts, he was late so when he walked in, it felt like the whole gym stopped (which it kind of did because the doors to the gym were so loud!). I thought he was really good looking so of course decided to avoid him at all costs during the evening. As luck would have it, another coach wasn't able to coach anymore, so his team and my team ended up practicing together...a lot. This meant we had to talk to each other about players, gym space, and practice plans. As the weeks and months of season went on, we grew closer as friends until I took a job in Seattle. When that happened, Matt basically said "we both know we have chemistry and we should try to make relationship out of it." I was REALLY reluctant at first, so when I moved to Seattle, I actively tried to convince myself it wouldn't work out...but of course, three weeks into living in Seattle, I flew back for a mutual's friend wedding. That night I finally agreed it was silly to keep pretending I didn't like him, so we "officially" started dating. That was back in 2015, and here we are now :) " - Nicolette

Can't wait to celebrate with you both Friday!

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