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St Charles Country Club Wedding | Kasey & Kyle

This has to be one of the happiest groups I've worked with. Everyone in the bridal party was there to celebrate Kasey and Kyle, plus have a good time. Believe me, the boys had jokes LOL It was all in playful fun and much appreciated for keeping the mood lose and light.

It's no surprise that these two had such a strong group of friends surrounding them on their wedding day. Kasey and Kyle have known each other since eighth grade! Throughout high school and college the pair hung out with the same group of friends, but it wasn't until after college that the sparks began to fly. The rest is history. Now Peanut, Butters, Kasey and Kyle are a family. And, if you are wondering who Peanut and Butters are, they are Kasey's beloved cats. Poor Kasey had to take one of them to the vet the morning of the wedding because he wasn't feeling well. Like wedding days aren't stressful enough. Kasey, however didn't even hesitate putting her beloved fur babies above anything else. That's how big her heart is for everyone in her life. Kyle as well. The pair was meant for one another!

Kasey and Kyle, I hope you are having an amazing adventure in Hawaii! It has been my pleasure hanging out with you over the past year. Congratulations to you both! I wish you many years of love and laughter along with a few more fur babies (and perhaps some without fur too). XOXO Joy

Talented Vendor Team

DJ | John Bundy

Hair | L' Auberge Salon - Michelle Cotten

BJP Team

Lead Photographer | Joy Bijedic

Second Photographer | Liberty Cameron

Assistant | Judy Kasper

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