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Ashley Nicole Events, Inc | Vendor Spotlight

Today I would love to take a minute to introduce everyone to Ashley Radosav. Ashley is an awesome wedding planner and human being based out of Long Grove. We met about three summers ago at a Knot event in the city. Like most networking events, we exchanged small talk and business cards and parted ways. A few months later we did our first styled wedding photo shoot together. Over the years we have done several more including the latest where we traveled to San Diego together for a beach elopement. Most recently she planned her husband's 40th birthday party with an aviation theme that was picked up for print publication at the end of this summer. Looking past all of her amazing accomplishments Ashley is just an entertaining person to be around. She has a big heart, will have your back in a heart beat and stands up for what is right. Her office surrounds her with little tokens of special memories and love including the first payment her company ever received. A check from her grandpa with a note of encouragement is framed and hanging nearby her desk. She is one of my favorite people in the wedding industry. The girl will do just about anything for a bagel bite! So, without me rambling on and on. Let me introduce you to Ashley!

What made you choose wedding planning? I went to college with a plan to get a degree in Crime Scene Forensics. I quickly learned that I hated Science. I remembered that I really enjoyed planning my High School graduation party and figured wedding planning had to be somewhat similar. Boy was I wrong, but I still learned to love planning weddings! I also got involved with a student organization on campus that planned the Broadway shows and classical music performances. I learned how to read contracts, negotiate contracts and plan load in logistics for 4 semi trucks, 45 cast members and a host of other crew members. Very much like planning the logistics for a wedding day.

Why do you recommend couples use a wedding planner?

I always recommend at least a Month of Coordinator for every couple getting married. There are so many things that come up in the last few weeks leading up to the wedding. It is nice to have an outside perspective that is not so emotionally invested in every decision. I would hate to pour extra burden on my mom or bridesmaids with all of the last minute minutine of a wedding and having to make sure everything gets set up and taken down on the day of the wedding. Hire a professional to take the stress off and guide you through the day!

If you could go back and do one thing differently for your own wedding would you?

Gosh, at my wedding...I would start about 30 minutes earlier to make sure that we had enough time for all of the detail shots of the reception. I got everything I wanted, but I made the guests wait in the lobby so my photographer could take the room shots empty. I always suggest now, give yourself 30 extra will need it at some point. I would have also added more flowers around my cake...

Tell us about yourself.

I am a 32 year old kid at heart. I love sleeping in and staying up late. I constantly have FOMO (Fear of missing out) on something super fun. I have a distinct memory as a child being told to go to bed while my parents had friends over. I was so upset that I thought they were going to do something fun so I sat up really late sitting by my bedroom door listening to all of the "fun" they were having. Now as an adult, I realize that they were not having so much fun and it was all boring adult talk. To a 7 year old, everything was way more fun than whatever it was I was told to do. So, I (to a fault) try and do everything all of the time. I have a hard time putting away the computer as I am always working trying to make everything perfect for my clients. I have two dogs whom I love more than life itself. I also have a husband...he is pretty amazing too! I played golf in high school and even competed in a Jr. Pro/Am golf tournament. Finally, my parents own a local ice cream store and the first food I had as a child was...ICE CREAM!

​List 5 things you love

1. Bagel Bites

2. Golden Girls reruns

3. Dogs

4. Ice cream

5. Naps. I really like naps.

I noticed you have the Golden Girls hanging in your office. What's that about? As a child, I wanted to grow up to be an actress. When we got cable as a kid, I stumbled upon old reruns of I Love Lucy and the Golden Girls. I loved Blanche's heart breaker, man obsessed persona. For some crazy reason, I fell in love with her character. I have no idea why, but at 12 I ended up with a set of leopard print silk pajamas. I think my parents thought is was funny and I was obsessed. As I grew up, I realized I was much more like Rose. I talk nonsense all of the time and have no sense of sarcasm...much like Rose Nylund. I wrote to all of the characters on the show and got autographs from everyone but Estelle Getty. She passed away before I got her autograph. Those prints are a flash back to my childhood and a silly, innocent fond memory!

If you could give one piece of advice to future couples what would it be?​

I would suggest that each person write down their top 3 priorities. Compare the list and spend more money on the areas you both see as important. Shave off areas of little importance and find a happy medium for everything else. I imagine that not everyone has $45 million dollars to spend on a wedding like Prince Harry and Megan Markle, so spend wisely. In doing so, it will also feel more authentic.

What are some trends you see taking place for 2018?

Gosh, 2018 is almost half over! I am loving the mixed metal (gold, rose gold, silver and copper) trend, I love the loose floral bouquets and the mix matched (but coordinating) bridesmaid dresses. I also am loving small, intimate events of 50 people or less.

What is your favorite current trend?

It is not really a trend, but telling an authentic love story. If your personality does not call for white doves to be released at the wedding, then don't do it. If you style is more taco truck and picnic blankets, then do that. Don't spend money on a wedding that feels like you ripped it out of a magazine or stole a Pinterest board if that is not your style. Do you and the world will follow.

To learn more about Ashley check out the following links:

Instagram @ashelynicoleevents_inc



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