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Bloomingdale Golf Club Summer Wedding | Emily & Nick

Emily and Nick had a gorgeous summer day this past Saturday for their wedding at Bloomingdale Golf Club. From start to finish the day was so relaxed. Everyone was so sweet and obviously cared very deeply for the couple. It's easy to understand why too. They are both such kind humans.

Moments I will remember from their day, re-piercing Emily's ear so her Grandma's earrings would fit. Chatting with the girls around the table and listening to Emily's family tease her that their are no returns. She is now all Nick's. Ironically my husbands family told me the same thing LOL. Watching the two of them gaze at each other adoringly, like no other person was as important as them. How relaxed Emily and Nick both were throughout the day. There are so many more too, but those are the ones that first pop into my head.

Emily and Nick, you both are truly amazing inside and out. I am so happy you found one another and feel honored to have witnessed your love. Congrats on many years of happiness and love ahead. Hugs, Joy

Talented Vendor Team

Florals | Margie Schefflers

BJP Team

Lead Photographer | Joy Bijedic

Second Photorapher | Osiris Cote'

Photo Assistant | Nina Bijedic

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Gorgeous pictures!

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