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Board of Trade & Chicago River Engagement Photos | Lindsay and Matt

Chicago Board of Trade, The El, The Opera House, skyscrapers, the Chicago River, all iconic Chicago locations. And, for Lindsay and Matt's engagement session, we saw them all!

People that live in the city are accustomed to walking. It's the norm of big city life. Walking all of the locations listed is not a huge task. The all lead from one to the next. However, the thing I love most about walking in the city is the magical photo spots we find along the way. For example, during our exploration for their session we came across this awesome black metal arch. Completely random and beautiful.

I also love the pops of nature throughout the city that add a vibrant dash of color among the historic architure of Chicago.

Street photos in Chicago are incredibly popular. Board of Trade is the easiest location for those only because traffic is lighter, especially after a work day. Many times you will find couples or families standing in the middle of the road among the cross walk or medians capturing photos.

The Civic Opera House is a go to for many, but is especially useful on a rainy day since it provides a large covering.

However, I think my favorite spot among all of these is the Constellation Sculpture. I typically don't photograph the actual sculpture, but the area at which it is located in is amazing.

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1 Comment

Jan 18, 2022

Stunning, memorable pictures!

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