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Crow Island Woods, Winnetka | Giaimo Family Photos

Last night was so much fun. As a photographer, you never know what to expect when photographing littles. Okay, who are we kidding. As a human, you never know what to expect when spending time with littles. However, Jack, Wyatt and Vera warmed up to me quickly. We had so much fun playing games. I think I have three new little friends!

The Giaimo Family choose Crow Island Woods for their family photos. I had never been, so I was excited to check out the new location. Super cute! Loved all the trees, wooden pathway and old home. It was a great location for a family with littles. Big enough to have options, but small enough not to tire them out with too much walking.

Big brother Jack led the way with his model experience. I asked. He said he was a model and if I learned anything from our time together...likes to have all the correct information. So it must be true!

The twins, Vera and Wyatt were so adorable. Wyatt was not quite ready to sit and smile for portraits, but he was sure ready to play!!! Vera, is a quite a little ham, with the cutest expressions. She was happy to smile for me over and over again.

Thank you Giaimo family for spending your evening with me, playing ring a round the rosie, red light green light and more!! You have a fantastic family. I am so happy I got to meet you all!!!



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