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Downtown Lemont Engagement Session | Amy & Ryan

Amy and Ryan are just the sweetest. They selected downtown Lemont in the fall because they loved the smalltown urban feel. They also requested using an ice cream shop during their shoot. BIG ice cream fans!

It was so much fun exploring all the cool nooks of Lemont. I've photographed there many times (including Amy's sister Liz's wedding), but there are always new places to find.

Their love story told by Amy: "We met at the gym Ryan worked at (OrangeTheory). We would talk every time I came in for a workout and Ryan also was super friendly to my mom and would ask about me sometimes to her! One day I was early for class and he was working at the front desk. We just talked the whole time, hung out a few days later and as they say...the rest is history!"

When I asked them what they first noticed about their significant other they replied:

Amy - Ryan's smile and kindness to everyone at the gym. EVERY SINGLE PERSON at that gym just loved him. He is so personable and friendly and that really stood out to me. He is also so funny and is just constantly making everyone around him laugh.

Ryan - The first thing I noticed that Amy always seemed to be in a good mood. How polite and sweet she was to me and my coworkers. I noticed her big smile and her pretty blonde hair. I liked that she was in to fitness.

They truly are adorable together!! I cannot wait to celebrate their big day in July at Lake Geneva!!! Congrats you two!!!



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