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Fabyan Forest Preserve Four Seasons Family Session | Alicia and Edward

Fabyan Forest Preserve Family Photo Session

One of the reasons I started my Four Seasons Session Collection for my couples was because I missed seeing them. I love getting to know them throughout the wedding process and then the wedding day comes and it's over. Leaving a wedding is always bittersweet. I'm so happy each couple had a magical day, but walking away at the end of the night after means I lose out on connecting with them in the future (potentially). Insert my Four Seasons Collection.

For years I tried to create a program that would help both my couples and myself. I wanted to give them an opportunity to yearly update their photos, especially as their families started and grew. However, having struggled with starting my own family I never wanted to put pressure on people to think they needed a family to join. Or, even if they choose to remain a family of two. That is absolutely okay! That made me even more excited when Alicia and Edward signed up!!

For their first season they selected winter to celebrate their one year anniversary. So incredibly sweet!!! This year was year two and we did fall. Alicia and Edward both have such an infectious laugh!!! It's always so much fun catching up with them. They also happen to be one of my Disney loving couples!!! I mean, hidden mickeys at their wedding.... ummm.. AWESOME!!!

Year three will be different though. They just announced at Christmas their family was growing!!! It brings me so much joy to celebrate these moments with my couples. My greatest gift in life is being a Mom and to watch people I care about get to experience that same gift is simply incredible. Congrats you two!!!



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