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Fabyan Park Engagement Photos | Amanda + Eric

When I asked Amanda and Eric where they went for their first date, they paused and replied "it's hard to say". Eric's Mom was the one that solidified their boyfriend girlfriend status. At his brother's wedding when Amanda was introduced as his girlfriend. Not having discussed this before Amanda turned to Eric and said, "so I'm your girlfriend" and Eric replied, "yeah I think so" and the rest is history.

They like to say they met twice. The first time was in Economics class at ECC in the fall of 2007. "Eric sat behind me in class but he was so quite that it took me almost half the semester to know him. Luckily the kid sitting next me was talking to him one day. After that we got to know each other and became good friends" recalls Amanda.

For a couple years they grew apart like most friends do, but one night in November of 2013 their paths crossed a second time! Amanda's friend Liese was back home visiting from AZ and wanted to go out to the bars in St. Charles. When they arrived Eric was walking right towards them with his friend Josh. They hung out together until 4am that night and after that the rest is history.

Their engagement photos took place at Fabyan Park, much like their meeting, in two parts. We began their engagement session in late July only to have one of the most humid days of the year with major flooding on the Fox River. We decided it was best to postpone and continue their session in early October. Stella, their three year old Bernese, joined us for part one of their engagement session. What a sweet bundle of fur she is!!!!!

Next May Amanda and Eric will being another chapter of their lives as they become husband and wife!



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