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Fulton Market Engagement Session | Mandy & Steve

Fulton Market. A place in downtown Chicago that is full of life, color and people. It's also the location of Mandy and Steve's first date. So, what better place to do their engagement photos then there?!? It was a perfect spring evening in Chicago (we all know how rare those can be!). We began close to the golden hour at Mary Bartelme Park. A popular park filled with dogs and kids romping and playing. It also has great city views and cool sculptures, which is why we were there. Not that I didn't want to romp and play! Who are we kidding though, photography is play for me!!!

Next we did what you do in the city, walk. It's one of the best ways to discover cool photo places. Before reaching out next stopping point we discovered a cool blue, brick wall with small stars that was the perfect nod to Mandy's Texas roots. Our next stop was Parlor Pizza, where they first met. Amidst the people eating delicious pizza and onlookers we captured the sign and the essence of the place.

The rest of evening we did just as before, walking and stopping at cool locations, getting to know each other along the way. A few weeks back I had discovered the colorful, square wall (a place I always wanted to find, but never new where it was... my unicorn). You can imagine my excitement when I found it!! So, that was our last destination and a happy place at that. How can it not be happy with all those bright colors?!?

Their Love Story

Friends brought them together. Mandy's girl friend asked her to be her wing woman for a night out. Mandy was hesitant at first, but ultimately gave in. Steve's buddy asked me to join him for a night out as well. However, Steve was aware that he was going to potentially meet someone. This was back in May of 2015. One week later they had their first date. Now, almost four years to the date, the two will say "I do" on May 11, 2019.

Congratulations Mandy and Steve!!! I cannot wait to celebrate with you both!!!



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