Geneva Engagement Session | Haley & Brian

Like many college students, or young adults in their twenties, beer pong was almost a right of passage. For those that don't know the game, the object is to bounce or toss the ping pong ball into a red solo cup filled about halfway or so with beer. The cups are set up almost like bowling pins on to different sides of the table with two teams playing against one another. If the ping pong ball lands in the cup, the other team drinks it. It's a fun activity to pass the time during any college party.

Haley and Brian were no different. Actually, you could practically consider them beer pong professionals, if there is such a thing. The night they met they both dominated the beer pong table, making an introduction inevitable. The next morning Brian and Haley met up at their morning breakfast joint, something the group normally did after a fun night of drinking the day before. However, that particular morning, they were the only two to attend. The rest of their mutual friends had decided to sleep in, making breakfast more of an impromptu date. Fate has a funny way of working itself out like that.

For their engagement photos Haley and Brian selected the sweet historic charm of Geneva along with the neighboring Fabyan Park. The sky threaten rain as we parked our cars and began heading down the trail to our first photo location. However, as we reached the wooden bridge to begin the rain ceased. We began their session with walking photos, the easiest way to ease anyone into a photo session. Most couples are pretty comfortable walking together. After pausing to allow pedestrians on foot and bike to pass we finished up on the bridge and headed back towards the direction we had come, stopping along the way every time an awesome photo opportunity was detected.

After spending a little over an hour at Fabyan Park we headed back to our cars, Haley and Brian quickly switched into their second outfit and we all drove the brief five minute drive to downtown Geneva. Since it was the July 3rd everyone had the next day free from work, so the sidewalk was a little more crowded then a typical Tuesday. Nonetheless, we walked around looking for unique and fun photo spots. After heading up and down Third Street we called it a day.

Throughout the entire evening the three of us were laughing and having such a wonderful time. I cannot wait to spend the entire day with them on September 22nd. Congratulations Haley and Brian!!! XOXO Joy

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