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Geneva's Fabyan Forest Preserve Engagement Session | Emily and Nick

Fabyan Forest Preserve in Geneva is always a popular location selection for my photography clients. No matter the season the scenery never disappoints. For Emily and Nick's engagement session it was no different! When we pulled up to the parking lot we discovered little blueish purple flowers blanketing the ground. What a fantastic surprise!

It always amazes me how sometimes you meet a person and you feel like old friends. Conversations are easy. Laughter is inevitable and everything is just comfortable. That's how it was when I first met Emily and Nick. These two are just super chill, sweet humans. Poor Emily was such a sport with me teasing her too. All in playful fun of course.

They had the most perfect spring day too. Sunny and in the upper 60's. Unusual for Chicago in spring, but we didn't complain.

When I asked Emily and Nick about how they met, they said it was nothing special. They met at a bar. However, every love story is special and different. As we talked more about it, they explained how one of Nick's buddies had disappeared from the group to say hi to the girls Emily was with (I think I got that right). Well, two hours passed and Nick and his buddies finally went to search for their lost friend. Cue Emily meets Nick. And the rest is history. This June the two will celebrate their love for one another at the Bloomingdale Golf Club before returning back to their home in Ohio to start their lives as husband and wife.

Emily and Nick, congrats on your engagement! I cannot wait to hang with you both again on your wedding day and meet these crazy, awesome friends I have heard about!!! No doubt it is going to be a blast!!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Apr 22, 2021

I love the way the sun hits them. Beautiful.

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