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Hinsdale Engagement Session | Molly & Mike

Molly and Mike are getting married on 8-8-2020. Talk about meant to be....M, M, 8, 8, 20, 20. Sounds like a whole lot of good luck!!!

The couple met while working together at Pinstripes in Oak Brook (which happens to be how Molly and I met too!). Molly worked in the events office and Mike was an event server. Sometimes things happen when you need them the most. At the time, both were dealing with some very difficult situations in their personal lives. They started off as friends, but Mike took it a step further knowing they were exactly what each other needed.

Their engagement session started off rough with my GPS getting me lost and an unexpected rain, but both Molly and Mike just laughed. And, once we got things going it was a whole lot of silly fun (largely thanks to Mike!).

Can't wait to hang with you both again in August!!!



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