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Hunter's Birthday Extravaganza: In Three Parts | Personal Post

Today our son turns one years old. While turning one is always a big deal, it's extra special in our household because one year ago today we were sitting in our camper in Seattle, Washington waiting for the birth father to let us know when our birth mom was ready to deliver. We waited all night, without much sleep. She had been induced earlier in the evening and was progressing slowly, then bam! We got a text around 8:30am PST that she was dilated to ten and he was coming. We were thirty minutes from downtown Seattle, so we flew down the highway as fast as safely possible, parked in the parking garage and practically ran through the hospital only to miss his birth by minutes. He was ready to great the world and came out super fast. I got to hold him immediately, give him his first feeding and diaper change, then after a little over an hour we had to leave. We were lucky the hospital had let us in at all due to Covid restrictions.

To help pass the day we drove to Mount Rainer and stayed occupied. Technically Hunter would be placed into our custody for three more days legally, however, we did get to take him home the next day. It was a roller coast ride of emotions feeling over joyed to be holding him, but slightly guarded knowing that technically he was not our until the birth parents signed the paperwork waiving their rights. Our birth parents are incredible though. As hard as it was for them to say goodbye to Hunter, they wanted the best possible life for him, a truly selfless act and one I will forever be grateful for.

However, back to the present day.

Hunter had three days of celebration for his birthday. The first being his birthday party where we had a small group of friends, family members and his birth family attend. The second was our family birthday dinner. Something we have done forever. At that time we also did our "Proud X" photos since we were unable to do them last year with covid. Then, finally today. His actual birthday. Not as much celebrating is being done today. We have some small gifts for him to open as well as his third smash cake for the official photo shoot, but really today is more relaxed. Just lots of playing and some swimming because that is what Hunter likes to do best and it's his day. He did get some special cinnamon rolls for breakfast (which he loves) and will have a special pasta dinner. Other than that, just hanging at home being one.

I cannot believe our baby is now a toddler.

My eyes have only teared up a handful of times today....

Part 1: Hunter's Mickey Mouse Backyard First Birthday Celebration

Part 2: Hunter's Family Birthday Dinner - Spaghetti

Part 3: Hunter's Official Birthday Photoshoot

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1 Comment

Aug 27, 2021

Adorable 🥰 photos! Happy birthday, Hunter!

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