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Hurley Gardens Summer Family Photos | Sylvester Family

For anyone that has toddlers, had toddlers, has been around toddlers or witnessed toddlers in action you know, life is never dull. Cutie pie Duncan was full of energy for his summer portrait session with Mom and Dad at the Hurley Gardens in Wheaton. It was already being the end of August in Chicago, but poor Dan and Ashley were dripping by the end of their shoot because speed demon Duncan rarely stopped moving. And that's okay.

Part of capturing family photos yearly is capturing the kiddos in whatever state they are in. And, for many toddlers, that means less posing more chasing. I capture the moments that happen. How they explore the world around them. What brings a smile to that cute little face. Duncan was very curious. We did so much exploring. Thank goodness Hurley Gardens is a small footprint of space. It was so fun to watch his curiosity though. Such a special age!

I cannot wait until our next season when you are a family of four!!!

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1 Comment

Feb 02, 2022

Family pictures are the best!

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