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Karah, Naperville Central HS '22

To say Karah is a delight to be around is an understatement! From the moment Karah stepped out of her car and practically bounced towards me I knew we were going to have an amazing time. With her smile bright and her eyes expressive, she demanded attention in front of the camera.

We met in Naperville at the Riverwalk. It was a gorgeous September evening after what had been a rather rainy day. We split our time along the path above and beside the water looking for gorgeous light and locations. A freshman at Naperville Central High School, downtown Naperville seemed like a great location for her portrait session.

Karah has been figure skating since she was three years old. At this point she's probably more comfortable on ice than off! In addition to competitive skating, where she has won may awards, she also participates in synchronized skating with a team of seventeen talented ladies. Her dedication is impressive with 4am skate times on the weekend. What teen willing gets up that early any day of the week let alone on the weekend! When she's not on the ice she is hanging with friends, studying and playing her violin. At almost fourteen years old Karah is already an impressive young lady. I cannot wait to see what is yet to come!!!



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