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LeRoy Oaks Fall Engagement Session | Connie & Steven

It's always a huge compliment when people who do their own photography hire me to capture their special moments. Thank you Steven! I discovered in our initial chat that Steven had a passion for photography and Connie equally valued the art. I was extremely touched when they booked and loved getting to know them both!

Connie and Steven first met on Instagram through their love of donuts. It's also how they found me! Through Instagram, not donuts, although I do love a good donut and they had some amazing ones at their wedding!

Steven was a content creator focused on donuts. He traveled the country eating donuts (umm..yum!) and Connie found his page. I think their romance is the heart of what social media should be. Social. Steven noticed Connie liking his posts and followed her page back. After connecting through direct messaging and getting to know each other a little better, they set up a donut and coffee date. During their date they went to three donut shops around the city and finally finished the date at a restaurant in Greektown.

The pair is adorable together and very photogenic. Connie's hat is the cutest! I wish I could pull them off as well as she can! Congrats love birds! You wedding at The Bridge in Lemont is going to be amazing. I donut doubt it one bit!



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