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Minneapolis Engagement Session | Christine & Luke

They bonded over a dog named Lucy. Two dogs actually. Christine and Luke met through friends during a going away party for her friend Jenna. David, Jenna's fiance, was from Minneapolis area and had invited Luke to drive down and join the the celebration. At the party, Christine and Luke started talking and found out they both had dogs named Lucy. It was there their romance begin.

After months of phone calls, text messages and traveling the six hour drive to see one another they decided enough with the long distance relationship. It was time for them to be together. So, after much contemplation the couple decided to continue they lives together in Minnesota.

Around the holidays Christine's family and friends gathered for her going away party. Unknown to the Christine, the day before the party Luke had asked her parent's permission to marry Christine. And, with a little help from Christine's youngest sister, Colleen, Luke popped the questions among her closest family and friends. Obviously she said yes. She has the gorgeous ring to prove it!

Thus their relationship has come full circle. They met at a going away party, got engaged at a going away party and now a new chapter of their lives will begin.

I have known Christine, or Sok ask I call her, for many years now. It brings me great joy to see her find her perfect match. Spending time with the two of them made it very clear how amazing they are together. It's a friendship, a love and a mutual respect and admiration for one another. Something that everyone deserves in life. Sok and Luke, I am so happy you both had a fondness for the name Lucy. The universe works in mysterious ways. Congratulations to you both!!! XOXO Joy



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