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Morton Arboretum Engagement Photos in Lisle | Brittany & Dan

The Morton Arboretum is one of my favorite nature places!!! I have been a member there for longer than I can remember and try to make at least a weekly visit to the property. I even worked as an assistant one summer at the summer science camps. There is just so much beauty to discover, which makes is a fantastic photo backdrop. A permit fee is required if you are not having your wedding on property, but it is well worth it. Plus, members get a discount, so if you aren't a member I can hook you up!

It was an overcast day for Brittany and Dan's engagement session, but with a freshly fallen rain everything was so lush. Brittany's vibrant dressed popped perfectly off the background. We even found some gorgeous floral bushes to help enhance it even more. We began on the west side of the property at P29, one of my favorite spots with the tall evergreens. Then slowly made our way over to the visitor center area with stops at cute spots along the way.

Congrats Brittany and Dan!!!

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