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North Ave Beach & Frank's Bar Engagement Session | Emma & Kyle

Downtown Chicago is filled with tiny little bars where it almost becomes like the neighborhoods own personal "Cheers". Frank's Bar is a favorite hangout spot and the first place we visited for their engagement session in the city. Frank's was gracious enough to allow us to take photos inside and we were extra lucky because we had the place to ourselves! The bartender could not have been more helpful! He went above and beyond to do whatever he could to make sure their photos came out beautifully.

After ordering their drinks, either Kyle's favorite (an Old Fashioned) or Emma's whiskey sour, we snuggled in and moved around the bar documenting the cute moments before heading outside to the bar sign and mural.

The second photo location request was the city skyline. Originally they were leaning towards Fullerton Beach, but after showing them examples of why I preferred North Ave Beach, they trusted my judgement and off we went!

The overcast day created a moody city vibe and of course Chicago did not disappoint for being the windy city (even though that's not why it got that name). We had a great time walking along the lakefront, snuggling and trying not to get blown away lol.

I cannot wait to see you both again in April for your big day at Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling!



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