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St James Fall Family Photo Session | Marshall Family

St James Fall Family Photo Session

It's easy when the kids are little to make sure we capture the family photos each year. Well, okay. Let's be real. Easy is probably the wrong word. Nothing about trying to get to a family photo session with littles is easy. Props to all the parents that have more than one kiddo! I just have my little guy and I know how much work it is. However, I find as parents we find it more important to capture the younger stages of life and sometimes the teen years get missed. Not intentionally. Life is just busy. Your kids have their own lives, and opinions for that matter. It's tough. That's why I get so excited when a family reaches out with teens!

The Marshall family was such a joy to hang out with. They were relaxed, joking and just having fun. I could feel the bond between each of them. They were good sports about playing some games too. You are never too old to play games! Thanks for all the laughs Marshall Family!!!



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