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Tips for Including Your Furbaby in Your Photo Session | Photo Tip

St James Farm Maternity Session with dog

As a dog mom myself, I completely understand how important your furbaby is and the role they play in your family. They should absolutely be included in your family photos if you want them there. Here are a four tips for including your furbaby in your photo session

  1. Arrive early to let your dog walk off some of their excitement and sniff the location.

  2. Bring a friend or family member to take the dog home or for a walk when we are finished with their portion of the shoot. I recommend spending the first fifteen minutes of your session with your furbaby. Then give them to your doggie helper.

  3. Bring LOTS of doggie treats! Especially if your dog is trained with them.

  4. While it is not a must, try to coordinate your dogs collar with your outfits. Or, make it blend into their fur so it is not very noticeable.

I always encourage my clients to include their fur baby! Hopefully these tips help take the stress off the day.

Fabyan Forest Preserve Family Session with dog



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