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What is a First Look? | Photo Tips

First look between a bride and groom in front of the drake in oak brook

Odds are this is a your first time getting married. You are hearing lots of wedding terminology thrown out your way, but have no idea what it means. I am here to help!

Let's talk about a First Look.

The most common first look is between a couple on their wedding day. This takes place before the ceremony.

First look between a wedding couple at Danada House

I love a first look for several reasons:

  1. You get to talk to one another! This is my number one reason I love them. When you see your fiance for the first time you can tell each other how excited you are and how amazing each other looks. You cannot do that when you are walking up the aisle to get married in front of all your guests.

  2. You get more photo time. This is my second favorite reason. Once you do the first look you get to do portraits right away. Guess what, that means odds are you will get to go to your cocktail hour and visit with your family and friends after the ceremony. Plus, you control how much time you have for portraits. If you ceremony and reception are very close in timing, then it limits your portrait time.

  3. Who doesn't want to look their best for photos?!? I know I always do. If you do a first look then portraits you will have just finished hair and makeup. It doesn't get much fresher than that!

  4. Lastly, your wedding party isn't drunk yet. This always makes for better listening ears (can you tell I'm a Mom!?!). While drinking is expected, when the wedding party has had more than a few, it makes instruction following more challenging wasting precious photo time.

first look between father and daughter

Another type of first look with between father and daughter. This typically happens before a couple's first look. Mom usually helps get her daughter dressed, so this gives Dad a little special one on one time.

First look with bridesmaids in champagne dresses

A first look between a bride and her bridesmaids is another popular one. Especially with a larger number of bridesmaids. This allows Mom and MOH to get that special one on one time while your bridesmaids can take the time they need to get ready. Then, they too get a big reveal with lots of squeals.

Teary father daughter first look

There is no right or wrong to who can have a first look. It is 100% your day and your decision. I've done first looks with couples who have children. I've done first look with siblings, grandparents and even pets. It's your day. Do what works best for you.

First look with bridesmaids in mint dresses



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