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Senior Photos | Ashley

With her sites set on Cosmetology school, Ashley has just days left of childhood before graduating from Manteno High School. Her plan is to take a year off before attending Cosmetology classes, but for a few more days she is still a high school senior, class of 2018. When I asked her what was one of her favorite moments in high school she replied, "homecoming". Being a cheerleader Ashley attended a lot of sports activities, including the big homecoming football game, but there is more to homecoming than just football. It's about the team spirit, the dressing up for the special dance and the all the friendships in between.

For Ashley's senior photos we went to a small little park tucked into a residential area in Wheaton called the Hurley Garden's. It is one of my favorite places to go with the lush greenery, clean white buildings and tiny pond with a water feature. We did a whirlwind of outfit changes to include a variety of looks. It's hard to choose my favorite, but I would say she killed it in the black and white floral top. Reminded me of a modern day Sandy from Grease.

Enjoy the remaining days of Senior year Ashley!!! Take in each moment. Pretty soon a new adventure will being!!!



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