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LeRoy Oaks Winter Engagement Photos, Margo + George

The weekend before Thanksgiving George suggested he and Margo spend the day in the city. Margo, being a planner, asked if they should make plans to eat somewhere. George said, "nah, we can figure it out" and left it at that. Little did Margo know George already had a romantic plan in the works.

We all know how crazy the holidays can get, so when Margo's Mom suggested she get her nails done before her date she knew something was up. George had booked a horse drawn carriage ride near Millennium Park. He had spoken to the driver ahead of time to arrange a stop by the tree, where had planned to propose to Margo. However, some wires got crossed because when it came to the moment to stop the driver said he wasn't allowed to and kept going. When the couple finally did exit the carriage ride the driver told the couple congratulations, thinking George had already proposed to Margo. SPOILER ALERT! He hadn't! Being as awesome as they are they didn't let it spoil their moment and joked that now they have a memorable story to share.

For their engagement session we headed down to a small creek in LeRoy Oaks forest preserve to capture the beauty of winter. Seeing as there was no snow on the ground I wanted to at least see if we could find some ice for a magical moment. Mission accomplished! The river was absolutely dreamy and Margo and George were pure perfection!

Congratulations you Margo and George! I'm sure your December wedding is going to be as memorable as all of the moments leading up to it!!!



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