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Carol Stream Fountain Senior Photos| Mia

Spring is coming which means another school year is coming to a close! I absolutely LOVE senior sessions. It is such an exciting time in their lives. It's a step into adulthood. Into becoming a true individual, making their own rules and decisions. Learning from mistakes and having new adventures. It's the absolute best!

Doing a senior session is not like school photos. It's a custom session to show off your personality. We choose a location together finding one that will work not only photographically, but also has your vibe. Then you choose a few outfits to wear. I'm always here to help if assistance is needed. Finally we go over the tips for the week to help you be session ready: hydrating, checking for chipped nails, making sure undergarments match and more. On the day of your session I recommend having your hair and makeup professionally done. I have an awesome lady I've teamed up with that the girls just love!!!

Your session itself is so much fun. We laugh and chat about high school, things you like and plans after school. It's very laid back. Posing is taught, so no need to be nervous. Just be yourself and you'll rock your session!!!

Class of 2020, summer is a popular time for senior photos. Don't be nervous to book too early! I can't wait to meet you!

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