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Acquaviva Winery Wedding | Amy & Mark

The vineyards of Acquaviva Winery are a stunning place to become husband and wife. Under the blue sky among the vines it's easy to forget you did not travel to Europe, but instead just the outer stretches of the Chicago suburbs. Photographing a wedding is always an amazing gift, but when the bride is a dear friend AND an awesome photographer it becomes that much more special.

Amy and I first met each other through the Carol Stream Park District gymnastics program when we were barely in double digits. Seeing as we are both vertically challenged it should really be no surprise that we were both gymnasts in our youth. Amy's passion continues to stay in her heart as she now specializes in dance and gymnastics photography. If you have not had a chance to check out her work click here. It's incredible!

Much like many of Amy's close friends in her life, she also met Mark in her youth through her brother Joe. Of course at the time it was a simple crush, but the universe knew what it was doing. Thirty years later they became husband and wife.

Appropriately enough it was #flagday2019 for the couple's Friday June wedding and it was WINDY!!! I'm not talking an occasional gust here or there, we are talking constant strong winds that, at times, made it challenging to walk (see first look photos with Dad). As annoying as the wind was, I think it was perfect for their day. Amy loves a challenge and thinking outside the box. Her personalty is big and bold with a gentle touch. The wind seemed to mirror that and brought out the best reactions possible.

Amy and Mark, I am so honored to have been a part of your special day. Mark, I don't know you as well as Amy, but if she chose you then you must be a keeper! Even though your adventure began many years ago, you now entered a new chapter as husband and wife. It is an exciting time with lots of laughter and the occasional turbulence, but like your windy day I know you two will be able to conquer anything, together. Congratulations to you both!!! XOXO Joy

Talented Vendor Team

Florals | RJP Designs

Photo Booth | I Love Photo Booth

BJP Team

Lead Photographer | Joy Bijedic

Lead Videographer | Haris Bijedic

Photo Assistant | Judy Kasper

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