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Family Portraits Around Tulsa's Brady District | Black Family

Run, run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm MITCHELL!!!! I'm pretty sure that's what he was thinking during their entire portrait session this evening as we walked around Tulsa's Brady District. Boy could that boy move. It was deja vu from almost four years ago when I took his older brother Levi's photos. Those boys have some energy, but they sure are super cute with their soft curls and sweet expressions. Levi is, hands down, the best person big or small to say cheese from me. Over and over again he said "cheese" in a very proud, sweet voice. Mitchell and I talked about a lot of different topics, beginning with Disney, moving onto Transformers (Bumblebee is his favorite) and then finishing the day with Marvels characters. He does the cutest little "pow pow" when he imitates Iron Man, his favorite Avenger. We even played a few games like: red light green light, Simon says and follow the leader. In addition to playing in the dirt and jumping in puddles (which I promise I did not suggest, but secretly loved that they did). What's better than boys being boys!

Thank you Matt, Melissa, Levi and Mitchell for driving all the way in from Oklahoma City to allow me to capture your fun family photos. Some seriously awesome moments occurred tonight as well as a few potential blackmail photos to embarrass them with in the years to come.



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