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Chicago Engagement Session | Christina & Jason

The famous honeycomb in Lincoln Park. A popular location for all types of photography! And, as it would have it, fairly close to Jason and Christina's wedding venue, Revolution Brewery, where we did the majority of their engagement photos this past November.

Typically the fall color leaves by the end of October, but thankfully it was an odd weather year and the leaves hung on longer than usual giving some gorgeous backdrops for their engagement photos. Christina has the absolute best laugh. It's positively contagious. These two must have so much fun together!

Their love story. From Jason, "It wasn't exactly love at first sight but we had been friends for a long time and eventually I just made my move at a friend's birthday. We snuck into a salsa dancing event at the bar we were at (Which is weird because we've never done it since) Our first date was bowling (never done it since) and our 2nd date was sushi which I quickly found out she didn't like (never went out for sushi since). So, not exactly The Notebook but we love each other very much and it worked out just fine."

While it might not have been the most romantic story film adaptation, as according to Jason, sparks were definitely flying because these two are getting hitched this September!!! Congratulations Christina and Jason!!! I can't wait to hang out with you both again September 2020!!!!!



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