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Chicago Museum Campus Engagement Session | Brianna & Joe

Chicago's beautiful skyline never fails to disappoint, but Chicago's Museum campus is also no exception to that rule. No matter the time of year, the campus wows with it's beautiful architecture and carefully designed landscape. Chicago, you never disappoint.

People always say, never take a ride from a stranger. Well, I think this is the ONE exception that it was okay to say yes! A friend of Brianna's was a having a "party". I use the term party loosely because it ended up being a friend of her's, Joe and Joe's brother. Her friend, who was already well into party mode, was too drunk to drive, so he sent Joe to pick Brianna up.

Mind you, it is ten o'clock at night and she has never met Joe before nor can she see into the car because it's so dark out. However, opening that car door was one of the best decision's Brianna ever made because it changed both of their lives forever. Joe and Brianna hit it off so well that they ended up skipping the party, went to McDonald's and talked until 3am!

Talk about a one-of-a-kind story! I have always felt like if it was meant to be it will happen when the time is right. And, Brianna and Joe.... you both were meant to be!!! Congratulations!!!



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