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Chicago's Board of Trade Engagement Photos | Holly and Tommy

When Holly first reached out to me the thing that was most important to her was engagement photos in front of the Board of Trade downtown. Their original wedding plans were changed with the pandemic, so their Chicago wedding moved to the north burbs stopping her from getting her dream wedding photos in the financial district. I am so happy we were able to make this happen!

With rain threatening, I had arrived early to do a little scouting. Chicago's architecture is always incredible, so it was not difficult to find some fantastic little nooks for photos. It is crazy to me how empty this area is in the evening. Very few cars passed us as we stood in the middle of the street or even posed on the sidewalk. We even found a perfect view of the El.

Congrats Holly and Tommy!!! I am looking forward to celebrating with you both this weekend at Loft 21!!!!

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2021년 7월 09일

Great Pictures in Chicago!

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