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Fabyan Forest Preserve Fall Engagement Session | Sara and Dave

This cloud day was the perfect backdrop for this beautiful fall engagement session at Fabyan Park. Wondering why? Well, Sara and Dave are getting married on October 30, 2021 and their wedding is inspired by Halloween (Sara's favorite holiday). It seems fitting that their engagement session should take place on a gloomy day, even though their smiles light up ever so bright! So much happiness and love!

Their love story told by Sara, "We met playing Pokémon Go! The game just released a new Pokémon that everyone wanted. It was only in limited areas and required teamwork from other players. I was randomly in the Glendale Heights area and saw it so I went over in hopes others were there. I got lost and parked in the upper lot at the water tower and all the other players were below. That is how Dave and I met. I waved and said hello. From there he was kind enough to invite me to a Pokémon chat group where I took it upon myself to privately message him to thank him and ask if he ever wanted to play together. He helped me reach my goals in the game got me to be more social and let us spend hours together talking and learning about one another while playing a game. We realized it could be cool to date so we tried that out and clearly it was the best decision either of us could have made. To this day we both still play. We love getting to spend the time we do while we play together and have traveled all over to play this game. Just like in the tv series Ash says “I choose you” to his buddy Pikachu, We choose forever with each other".

I can't wait to hang with you both again this October and celebrate your love with all the important people in your lives! Congrats Sara and Dave!!



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