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Hampshire In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session | Cross Family

Hampshire In Home Lifestyle Newborn Session

Over the past couple of years I have photographing more and more in home lifestyle newborn sessions. Or rather baby sessions. Sometimes they are not newborns, but three months old. Which is actually my favorite age to photograph these sessions.

This was the second time at the Cross Family home in Hampshire. Just about two years ago I was meeting cutie pie Logan for the first time. Now he is a big brother to the adorable Miss Makayla. She is so precious. She slept the entire session, which is honestly shocking for my sessions. No matter what we try, my newborns are always wide awake lol. Still, asleep or awake, they are always adorable.

Logan so sweet going to get Makayla her paci when he thought she might need it. He also helped her change her clothes by pulling outfit out of the crib and placing it in the laundry basket. He's going to be a very helpful big brother in the future!!! Congrats Cross Family!!


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