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Long Grove Lifestyle Twin Newborn Session | Radosav Family

Say hello to the Radosav Family of four! This one is extra special to me because Ashley and I went through similar journeys. Our kids are only six weeks apart. It's a crazy. On the same day that she had her IVF implantation procedure with the twins, I received my phone call that I had been matched with our son for adoption. (If you want to hear about my journey to parenthood click here.) I am so excited for our kids to grow up together!!!! For my lifestyle newborn sessions I always start by photographing the nursery. So much love and detail always goes into the room and it changes so quickly as they grow, I find it important to document that love. And, knowing Ashley, I expected nothing but very thought out, beautiful nursery's for both Michael and Madelyn.

Michael had an air plane theme in honor of his Dad, Adrian, a pilot for American Airlines. Maddy had a tropical, Golden Girls themed room because Ashley is obsessed with Golden Girls (and that's putting it mildly). Let's just say Ashley feels about the Golden Girls the way I feel about Disney.

Fur brother Kane, of course, was in on the action as well. Poor Mollie was not quite ready to hang with the babes just yet, so she was not there.

Ashley and Adrian, you are going to be such amazing parents! There is no doubt M&M will be showered with an abundance of love. Looking forward to all our playdates!!!


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