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Fabyan Forest Preserve Summer Maternity Session | Abney Family

Yikes. As hot days in Chicago go, this one takes the cake! It was over 100 degrees with the heat index, but you wouldn't know it by seeing the Abney Family! The little family is hardcore! Not surprising though since Patrick is a special police officer, and Elizabeth is a diehard for photos. She adores her little family and wants to capture every single moment!

I had gotten to know the family a little big over the years through Patrick's sister, Amanda. Rory was the ring bearer in her wedding and also around the same age as Hunter. As a new mom I was all about the littles and Rory is just the cutest!

We captured their maternity session at Fabyan Forest Preserve, one of my favorite locations to shoot. It's magical there with so many little hidden gems. Elizabeth brought two killer outfits for the family along with her Mom to help out with Rory when he wasn't needed for photos. Patrick's only requirement was it had better be black to hide the sweat. Good point, Patrick! Good point.



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