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St James Forest Preserve Spring Maternity Session | Kim and John

St James Forest Preserve Spring Maternity Photo with Dog

After spending an hour with Kim and John at St James Forest Preserve for their spring maternity session, I have no doubt they will be amazing parents. They were so calm their entire session, even with their first born, fur baby Kona, enjoying the beautiful weather. Kona, I learned, was adopted by her parents just as the world shut down for Covid, so she did not have as much socialization in her young life. This makes her a little more cautious around new people. I don't blame you one bit, Kona! She was super sweet though and followed all of the instructions very well!!!

As we walked from location to location enjoying the beautiful 70 degree day, I learned that Kim enjoyed doing the Run Disney races too! It was impressive to hear how many consecutive years she did the Princess.

Kim and John, thank you for allowing me to document this special moment in your lives. You will learn, babies grow so quickly. Cherish every moment!!! Congrats!



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