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Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve Fall Family Session | Giaimo Family

Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve has become my favorite session location, despite the one hour drive. It brings a coastal feel that I adore plus gorgeous sunsets and trees. I was thrilled when the Giaimo Family reworked their schedules after seeing the beauty Fort Sheridan had to offer.

It was late fall when we did their family photos and you know that Lake front breeze is fierce. Everyone was such good sports. We placed lots of interactive games, explored and just had fun. It is how I want my family sessions to be. Real moments, real interaction. Of course we will still have the look at the camera smile photos because we all want that shot. However, the ones I treasure most are the snuggles and the fun. Those are the moments that truly allow your family to shine.

1 comment

1 Comment

Jan 18, 2022

Family pictures are the best!

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